on all Franci branded hardware

Our 5 YEAR GUARANTEE on Franci branded hardware and furniture fittings.

Wear and tear is unavoidable on any product with moving parts, but are you really willing to build cabinetry that is meant to last decades with hardware that a manufacturer won’t even put a 6 month money back guarantee on?

Are you really willing to invest hundreds of Rand on a new kitchen or wardrobes with hinges that might not even last a year?

Don’t let your cabinetry become somebody’s horror story and ruin your good reputation.

At Franci Furniture Fittings, we rigorously test the endurance of our products to make sure we sell reliable products, and when we discover products that exceed our expectations, we put our name on it as a symbol of our quality, reliability and affordability standards.

When you install any of our Franci branded hinges, runners and now extended to our sliding door systems you can be rest assured that your cabinetry is built to last.

If your correctly installed Franci branded hardware fails you, simply contact our customer care team with a snapshot of the item and a copy of your invoice and we will exchange the faulty item for new.

T&Cs apply.

Please note: Items that are buckled or bent from improper installation or from damage caused by undue force may render this guarantee null and void.